FAQs for retailers

Below you can find a list of the Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not listed here, feel free to contact us

You can easily create a free retailer account on iSupply yourself! Go to https://order.i-supply.org/ and click on ‘Register’ on the top left corner of the screen. Click here to get a more detailed instruction.

API is an intermediary between two applications. With the use of API other systems, such as a webshop, CRM system or others can be connected to iSupply. All the data and information are transferred from that system to iSupply. More examples of systems that are compatible with iSupply can be found under the question below. If the system that you would like to connect is not on the list, contact us and we will check whether the system can be connected.

As far as we have experienced, there were no troubles in connecting other systems with iSupply. A few examples of systems that are compatible with iSupply: Microsoft Dynamics, Sellsy, PrestaShop, Wordpress.

The Front-end helpdesk covers any question regarding the ordering tool (no additional fee). For instance, you would contact your supplier if you have any issue/question regarding an order.

The Back-end helpdesk covers collection management and is administered by iSupply. For instance, we would assist with a change/question/issue with the collection of your supplier (no additional fee).

The Technical helpdesk covers support for changes or issues in iSupply or in custom integrations and reporting.  (charged per hour).

The API helpdesk covers support for any setup support or issues with the API connection (charged per hour).

A custom integration is some item’s integration to iSupply. For instance, you could have a cash register connected to the system. Custom reporting and exports are any specific report and export requests that are custom built. You can request them to be customized if the standard reports and exports provided in iSupply are not enough for you.

You certainly can! If you want to work with a supplier who is not using iSupply, this is possible with the Full license. You will be able to use iSupply for placing orders, then all the orders will be automatically sent to your supplier via a chosen channel and in a chosen format.

You can request for a demonstration of the system through our contact form here. Once we receive your inquiry, we will contact you to set a remote demonstration.

The Free license is best for you if you only need a connection to a supplier, do not require additional features, integrations or reports and do not need to connect any other systems to iSupply.

The Standard and Full licenses allow you to fully adopt the possibilities within iSupply to your needs. Which one is the best for you depends on a few aspects. A brief comparison can be found below.